The everyday adornments of Von Elise’s recycled jewellery

Learning her craft since the age of 14, the founder Von Elise, Elise Pierer, is fast becoming known in Graz, Austria for her sustainable, fresh jewellery. The 25 year old former dental technician looked to STUDIO FURORE to capture the precision and individuality of her brand and pieces, as well as reflecting her service of taking a client’s existing jewellery, melting it, and reforming it into something that continues to have a place in the beholder’s daily life. STUDIO FURORE wanted to express the hand-made jewellery brand’s ability to cherish the everyday moments that Von Elise’s distinctive pieces adorn.

“Jewellery forms part of our daily life, an enhancement of our everyday biography that we can extract memories from, whether it’s the breakfast we had yesterday or our first kiss. “We wanted to capture the skill of Elise, her independence and dedication to continuing the life of the planet’s metals with contemporary clean designs that also reflect her attention to detail which she honed as a dental technician whilst also learning her craft”

The identity’s everyday adornment character was amplified with the timeless Serif-Font to reflect the durability of metal as well as the reliability of craftspeople. The logo is the hallmark Von Elise imprints into all jewellery to prove the item’s authenticity and recognition it was made by a goldsmith.